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So you're curious to know more about me... Great! I'm happy to get this party started and hope by the end of this you'll get in touch so we can do some awesome things together. 😊

The basis of life starts with mindset. How you choose to look at every day is directly related to how you end up experiencing your life. The quality of how your life FEELS is determined by your perceptions. The determining factor in your overall success in anything lies in the meeting of your mindset and your self-discipline. To that end the image at the top, think positive, is not just something I say, it's who I am. Endeavoring to build any type of building is a road full of challenges, that's 100% guaranteed. By adopting a positive mindset, it allows us to navigate those challenges with minimal stress.

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Credentials & Affiliations:

University of Idaho

🎓Master of Architecture

🎓Bachelor of Arts in Spanish


🎖️National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

🎖️American Institute of Architects

Current Registrations:

🖊️Colorado - Architect

In addition to being an architect, yoga teacher, avid meditator, and mindfulness expert. I am also a devoted single mother into a plethora of creative hobbies. On any given weekend you will find me sharing the keys to self-discipline, resiliency, and life lessons through any combination of the following activities with my daughter:


🛼Roller Skating


🐕Dog Loving

🐔Chicken Keeping

🪡Sewing & Crafting


🛠️DIYing - building something

🖼️Digital Art Creation

⛰️Boondocking/RVing, Hiking, & Geocaching


🌊Stand Up Paddleboarding



🎥Photography & Videography - sometimes with a drones


🤿Scuba Diving

If you see any common interests here, I'd love to hear about it!

As an architect my role is to be your trusted advisor, to remind you of the decisions we make together and why. If we have some common ground to start from, it helps us work together even better!

My Architecture History:

I have worked in architecture and design since 1997. In that time I have designed countless projects for clients in California, New Mexico, Colorado, and Mexico. I am currently licensed in Colorado and open to obtaining other licenses for other states as needed.

My portfolio of work has covered commercial and residential projects of varied sizes in all categories, new build, renovation, remodel, and addition. Project types have included luxury custom homes, mid-range custom homes, multi-building multi-family campuses, schools, fire stations, multi-building commercial campuses, and commercial tenant improvements. My most recent projects include several custom homes from mid-range to luxury, fire rebuilds, an ADU requiring a variance, a major kitchen remodel, basement apartment conversion, and multiple projects for a local humane society.

My Methods

Three Options to Get Us Started.

My methods for designing a home that truly supports your lifestyle is simple and powerful. It combines everything a traditional approach utilizes to keep each step progressing on track while up-leveling the results at key steps by finding and incorporating your hidden desires.

Mindful Design Experience™

A premium, full-service, design & meditation experience for savvy property owners.

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Essence Analysis™

A research and brief development process for home owners unsure of where to start.

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A budget friendly DIY option with expert design coaching support, roadmap to success, and plan ROI audit.

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