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About me

Hi, I'm Rachel! I can't wait to help you design your dream home.

After years of frustration, being told by the old guard what I, as an architect, should be or not be and trying to meet those ideals, I sought an inner peace. A reconnection to my true self. This led me to meditation and mindfulness. In those practices I realized enough was enough. It was high time to shake things up and make a change to how I approach architecture and the services I provide for the benefit of all.

Now I use the same powerful techniques I learned in becoming a meditation teacher to help other property owners of any budget tap into their true desires & needs, giving them the ability to manifest the dream home they knew they needed but couldn't quite find. >> Learn More About Me

My Company

About Rocky Hills Design Studio

Rocky Hills Design Studio is the architecture firm that I formed in the Spring of 2019. It is intended to be a small firm dedicated to helping as many home owners as possible recieve high quality design, regardless of budget. We approach each project with a positive, solutions-oriented mindset paired that with a teamwork fostering management style.

As a full-service architectural firm our team is capable of meeting your project needs from conception through final punch. We routinely deliver exceptional, beautiful, and functional designs for living and working without all the pretense. Sound good? Use the button below to get in touch.


Bringing your dreams to life.


To help you uncover your deepest needs so that you can finally have a home that fully supports the real you.





My Methods

Signature Services

Whether you know you need an architect or aren't sure if design services are for you, we have something to support you.

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Mindful Design Experience™

A premium, full-service, design & meditation experience for savvy property owners.

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Essence Analysis™

A research and brief development process for home owners unsure of where to start.

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A budget friendly DIY option with expert design coaching support, roadmap to success, and plan ROI audit.

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You have questions, we have answers.

We are ready and waiting to take your dream from concept to reality.

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